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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Free Care for the Aged: Socialism in Action - 13th November 2002, 21.44

There is nothing more saintly than offering free care for old age pensioners in their own homes and residential/nursing establishments.

But, like all socialistic endeavours, the Scottish Executive appear to have underestimated the number of elderly who would take advantage of this benefit. The allocation to the Highland Council has proved insufficient by £300,000 leading to those bureaucratic standbys: the waiting list and rationing. Only these idiots would wish to emulate the success of the NHS in other areas and more scottish councils will encounter the same problem.

Welsh Assembly falters - 13th November 2002, 21.35

Mike German, Lib Dem leader and Minister for economic development has come to the startling conclusion that the Welsh Assembly is limited by its lack of law-making powers. It is unable to bring in the reforms: tuition fees, free long-term care and proportional representation in local elections that allow these economies to maintain their collectivist ways on English largesse.

How sad that political parties in these countries have turned into insidious intermediaries recycling tax money for their pet projects.