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Sunday, November 03, 2002

A busy week for Wales

The assembly refused to move its local election dates to please No. 10 and raise the profile of the 2004 European Elections.

Rhodri Morgan recognised that the Welsh assembly is still unloved by the Welsh and that his administration had managed to provide free bus passes for the aged and disabled. The Tories called for his resignation and demanded that the new Assembly building would look better as a car park. However, Nick Bourne failed the test by demanding the money went to new children's hospital replacing the efforts of the local community to raise the money through subscription and charity.

How can local communities gain a stake in their institutions and understand the cost if their philanthropy is usurped by the state. Better a local hospital that could opt out of the NHS.
Liberal Democratic Conference 3rd November 2002, 20.00

Jim Wallace, leader of the Liberal Democrats, announced at their autumn conference that they should increase their representation in Holyrood next year. To further their "radical agenda", they would introduce a gap year between nursury school and primary school. They would also defend Scottish fishing interests although how they will square this with their undying love of Brussels is a challenge.

Former chief executive, Andy Myles, stated that the Lib Dems should support the EU in order to secure the ecological reputation of the Scottish fishing industry which is, of course, more important than its continued existence.
The Auld Alliance: Teaching 3rd November 2002

Cathy Jamieson, Education Minister, defended the 35 hour week that she instituted for teachers, even though it has resulted in a reduction of extracurricular activities and parent/teacher meetings. Teaching in Scotland follows the same process of capture by the professional interests under the promotion of the public sector with the Lib/Lab coalition. Ms Jamieson also announced the thoughtful ways that she could spend more of her subvention.

More signs of the dependency culture.