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Sunday, October 13, 2002

It took one year...

Just caught up with the office accounts scandal that is tarring Jack McConnell's name as the Scottish Labour Party continues to acquire a reputation for sleaze. It stems from the long history of Labour controlled councils in Scottish cities that never faced any competition in their rule and have turned into one party fiefdoms. However, as they are ahead in the polls, I am unsure if this will harm them, unless it claims the scalp of another leader. Three in one Parliament!
Scottish Conservative party faces an uphill battle

Irvine Laidlaw, contributed £2 million to the Scottish Conservative Party for their first devolved elections in 1999 and allowed them to outspend their rivals and put forward an energetic campaign. This source of money is no longer available and the Tories will have to start using their imagination on a budget of £650,000.

It should force them to start rebuilding their local associations and obtain financial donations from a more popular base, if that is possible.